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Alumier MD Peels

AlumierMD was born out of an understanding that everyone wants clear, beautiful skin. With over 100 years of combined skincare experience, Alumier experts understand the physiology behind different skin types and conditions to help our clients achieve a youthful glow.

Alumier skin peels are designed to improve skin texture and tone. By deeply exfoliating the surface layers of the skin, your body is forced to quickly replenish with new cells. When peels are performed regularly the skin begins to rejuvenate itself like younger skin.

Combining Alumier products and treatments will make a difference to how you look and feel.


Enriched with 40 years of experience in skin care, Guinot treatment methods, products and formulas are at the forefront of advances in the beauty industry. Guinot has entrusted its exclusive beauty care methods to highly trained aesthetic professionals. Here at Aislings we have adopted this skincare range for more than twenty years, and we are a Guinot Elite Crown salon. One of ten in the whole of Ireland. We ensure that each client receives the ultimate Guinot experience.

Our aesthetic professionals begin each Guinot treatment with a customised in-depth consultation to determine the right treatment, given the client’s skin type and personal beauty goals.


Environ is a globally recognised and loved professional skincare brand that is built on science, beauty and care. We believe Environs product range are undoubtedly effective, proven and inspired through team work, thus offering the most effective skincare range that science permits.

This skincare range caters for skin conditions caused by the dynamics of photoaging such as wrinkles, pigmentation, acne, roscea, ezema and scaring.

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